Arte Levy


Some Awards…

Over the years I’ve earned quite a few statues of glass, hunks of granite, shiny pieces of metal, framable certificates and articles that have made my mom proud. (Even though she still has no idea what I do.)

…and My Favorites:

  • The MicroNanoMini-OCD Award from my team for my “Never Ending Attention to the Smallest Detail” (written on a grain of rice!)
  • M&M-ies for account profitability. In chocolate, peanut, and almond.

Some Accomplishments…

  • Started a new department bringing specialization in promotional, event and emergent new and social media to all account teams and creative departments.
  • Moved integrated promotion marketing from vision to reality for agency and its clients. Able to garner recognition as one of the Top 100 promotion agencies in the country in industry rankings within the first year of establishing department and role; ensured continued rankings.
  • Invited speaker at the Direct Marketing Association Conference and Expo on developing alternative and social media channels for capturing consumer response and integrating them with traditional direct media initiatives.